Take the stress and anxiety out of planning for college admissions

Take the stress and anxiety out of planning for college admissions

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“Through the process of diving deep into your interests and your unique talents and strengths, I can help you know yourself better.  When you have a good sense of yourself, you are more likely to experience personal fulfillment and achieve success on your own terms”
Justin, Trifecta Education Associates, Principal

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Meet Justin Wang

My Approach

As a college admissions consultant, I can help you know yourself better – uncover what you really are as a person, and what activities and fields speak to your passions and strengths. I work with you on academic planning, activities planning, development of life skills, to help you “launch” your future. With respect to applying for colleges and prep schools, I will help make appropriate school lists, brainstorm and edit your personal statement for college and universities as well as finalize your college applications. Afterwards I advise you on your options and choices when you get your results.


  • MBA, Columbia University Graduate School of Business
  • MA, The Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
  • BA, University of California, Berkeley

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Why Work with Me?

Take the stress out of the process

Well in advance of the year applying to colleges and universities – I can help build a plan for:

  • Academic course selection

  • Extracurricular Activities selection and development that matches your interests

  • Testing (when appropriate)

Enjoy a smooth college application process

During the months of applying to colleges and universities – I can help:

  • Sit down with you and build your persona/profile – WHO YOU ARE
  • Find appropriate schools for you and build a realistic college application list
  • Manage timelines, tasks to complete, and get your app out the door, on time!

  • Help with the decision process once you have offers


Justin helped our son throughout the entire college application process.  He guided him from the very beginning with the essay writing, through the submission process, and continued to assist once the acceptances started rolling in. Thanks to Justin’s knowledge and guidance, my son had acceptances from the majority of the schools he applied to.    Subsequently, we had Justin coach our daughter through her college applications; knowing she was in great hands, our daughter owned the process and it went smoothly, with results that exceeded our expectations.  Thank you, Justin, for helping our kids get to where they needed to be.

I.S., parent .


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This is an article in Summer 2023 Insights magazine, co-written with my fellow IECA colleague Dr. Eva Garza-Nyer, about how various state policies may potentially influence future applicants choices and future educational experience.    When it comes to building a college list, students must consider various [...]

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