You have checked and re-checked your application, and sent it in!  Congratulations!

However, you aren’t done.  For each application you’ve sent, the institution will send you a confirmation email asking you to set up a school-specific account to their portal.   This could be immediate, or in a few days, depending on the school.  Check your spam folder in case you don’t receive it.

Why is this important to set up your portal account with each institution?  

It is the primary channel for communication between the college and you, the candidate. You may have information on:

  • Confirmation when you application was received
  • Status of any supporting documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, or other documents –
  • Any discrepancies or questions in your application
  • Admissions results (later)

You can also update the college or applications with any particular changes in your status, such as

  • Adding or dropping a class – different than reported on your transcript
  • Other circumstances
  • Any information that changed from your initial application

Please check your email daily for any notifications from universities (which may direct you to the portal).

For reference, the AXS Companion has a video on following up after submission.

Best wishes and good luck!