A Bay Area native, I began my career in the telecommunications field and semiconductor services industry, including stints in East Asia. My interest in education led me to teach in local schools for several years and serve as an alumni interviewer with Columbia Business School and Johns Hopkins University, before becoming an educational adviser.

Having taken a non-linear path in my professional and educational life, I believe that there are more than one way to achieve your personal, educational and professional goals, and I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with others.

Growing up in an immigrant family, and working internationally across different industries, I’ve learned to bridge cultural and generational gaps between parents and their children. I love my work because I get to impact individuals and families personally in ways that I could not in corporate settings.

Developed over 10 years of experience, my philosophy is to help you find a “fit” for your educational future options. I do this by building relationships, sharing my knowledge, and coaching you through the college application process. As a result, while many of my students have gone on to attend leading institutions such as Penn, Columbia, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, Haverford, USC, UCLA, Emory, and more, I stress that it’s important to find and attend a school that’s a fit for you and not just because of the name. I look forward to helping you find your optimal path to personal fulfillment.

My Approach

As a college admissions consultant, I can help you know yourself better – uncover what you really are as a person, and what activities and fields speak to your passions and strengths. I work with you on academic planning, activities planning, development of life skills, to help you “launch” your future. With respect to applying for colleges and prep schools, I will help make appropriate school lists, brainstorm and edit your personal statement for college and universities as well as finalize your college applications. Afterwards I advise you on your options and choices when you get your results.


Justin helped our son throughout the entire college application process.  He guided him from the very beginning with the essay writing, through the submission process, and continued to assist once the acceptances started rolling in. Thanks to Justin’s knowledge and guidance, my son had acceptances from the majority of the schools he applied to.    Subsequently, we had Justin coach our daughter through her college applications; knowing she was in great hands, our daughter owned the process and it went smoothly, with results that exceeded our expectations.  Thank you, Justin, for helping our kids get to where they needed to be.

I.S., parent .